Everyone is excited to take a cruise on this historic Columbia River Sternwheeler. When you are traveling on the sternwheeler, you can imagine what it was like to travel by boat on the Columbia River back in the 1800s. What a great adventure.

During our cruise, we were able to view many different species of birds and wildlife along the river. The travel downstream took us to the Bonneville Dam, and upriver we traveled under the Bridge of Gods to the Hood River area.

We enjoyed hearing about the river and learning more about this area of Oregon. All along the river, we saw Native American fishing platforms and a few people fishing. The Columbia River is a fun place for many different water sports, everything from kayaking to windsurfing.

Everyone had a wonderful time on our cruise on the Columbia River. The Columbia River Gorge has so much for you to see and do. What a great adventure for all ages.

We do have fun in Oregon!

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We are looking back to a fun trip we had at the Wildlife Safari Park just outside of Port Orford, Oregon. We were able to feed and wander among many of the animals in the park.

Many of the animals were able to follow you and roam free within the park everywhere we went. They knew when you had some food in hand and were quick to be our friend.

The park has a large variety of animals. One of the highlights of our visit to Wildlife Safari Park was to visit the baby animals. It was so fun to get up close to the babies and be able to pet them.

Our visit to the Wildlife Safari Park was fun for all ages. We each enjoyed our time at Wildlife Safari Park, and we hope you visit the park as well.

We do have fun in Oregon!

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There is nothing better than taking an adventure to the Oregon’s countryside. On this adventure, we had fun with a visit to Camp 18 Restaurant and the Logging Museum.

Camp 18 Restaurant and Logging Museum is a great place to visit along Highway 26 and Humbug Creek.

We enjoyed a cold drink, along with a delicious meal, and did not pass up dessert. I cheated and took some of my fish in a to-go box home with me, so I had room for the marionberry cobbler.

There are wood carvings of loggers and wild animals all around the grounds for you to find.

After you had a lovely meal, it is time to discover the grounds and gift shop.

Oregon has always relied on the logging industry. From the 1800s to the 1970s, logging was the main staple of Oregon’s economy.  

During the early years, logging equipment used was with horses, mules, many types of hand tools and steam equipment.

As you are exploring the grounds, you will see many types of logging equipment from years gone bye.

It is very relaxing to take a stroll as you explore the equipment and follow the path down to Humbug Creek.

It is a sweet day when you can take your time and embrace your surrounding and discover another place in Oregon.

When you are exploring see if you can find the Monmouth Elephant hiding along the waters edge of Humbug Creek.

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We do have fun in Oregon!

Yes, Oregon still has a place where the mail is delivered by boat. You can purchase a ticket in Gold Beach, Oregon to ride along and enjoy the view of the Rogue River, along with the beauty that surrounds the river.

The day starts early in the morning. Everyone gathers at the docks and prepares to board a jet boat. Once everyone is aboard the adventures begins, we head up the Rouge River.

As we head upriver, you may see a variety of fishermen looking to catch a record fish.

The captain and guide of the jet boat will give you great information about the Rouge River and the history of the area.

The adventure traveling up the Rouge River is exciting, with many types of wildlife and beautiful scenery. When taking in the view and looking into the treetops, you could spot eagle nests along with a few glorious looking eagles as well.

After delivering the incoming mail for the area, we had a wonderful lunch at a lodge along the river.

We could not leave the lodge before enjoying a delicious blackberry cobbler.

Delivering the mail on the jet boat is an excellent adventure on the Rouge River with lots to see and fun for any age.

Then we were off to gather the outgoing mail for the area, and head back down river.

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We love traveling around our scenic state of Oregon and taking in nature as we give sightseeing and wine tours. There is always time to enjoy some of nature’s gifts like seeing wildlife. We have been able to enjoy seeing this delightful butterfly many times as we tour Oregon.


The Swallowtail  Butterfly is also known as Papilio oregonius. This beautiful butterfly is native to the United States and can be found all around Oregon and the northwest.


Oregon adopted the Swallowtail Butterfly as Oregon’s Official State Insect in 1979.

       Swallowtail Butter State insect 1979

The adult Oregon swallowtail feeds on nectar from many types of wildflowers. Observing these charming butterflies also allows you to view the wildflowers in the area. 


   This butterfly was featured on a US postal stamp, it was one of the first four of the butterfly series issued in 1977. 


  We love discovering Oregon and embrace the nature that surrounds us. Whenever you visit Oregon take time to discover some of the little things that my just fly by. 

We do have fun in Oregon!

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The time is here to make those great Oregon vacations plans. Have you made your plans to visit Oregon this year? There is much to do in Oregon’s seven regions with all its diversity. Embrace Oregon loves showing off Oregon to all its visitors.

Just a couple weeks ago we were on the Oregon Coast. Now you may think that the winter time is not a good time to visit the Oregon Coast. But, it is a great time of the year as well as the summer. Many people love to see the stormy waves coming up on the beach. To stroll the beach for shells and treasure that wash ashore after a stormy night.


There are miles of beaches for you to discover on the Oregon Coast.




The wildlife that appears out of the blue for you to discover can be a highlight. Just like the picture of two Bald Eagles on the beach looking at the ocean. I know this picture is a little blurry because I was a little to far away when I took it. What a wonderful discovery.


So, matter what your plans are for an Oregon vacation. We are here to help you embrace a marvelous time.

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We do have fun in Oregon!


Yes, it is time to look at your plans for a vacation this year. Bookings at the last-minute can be tough. So, this is the time of the year when you need to take a look at where you would like to go and what you would like to do.

Many people look at going out of country to enjoy their vacation. But, it is always fun to take a look at what we have in our own backyard. 

Seven fascinating regions make up Oregon with so much to do and see. Oregon for example, has award-winning wines, beer and distilleries.

If, you are looking for adventure it can be found in right here in Oregon. Embrace whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, skiing, windsurfing and much more. There are many waterfalls, ocean beaches, snow caped mountains and lakes along with wonderful golf courses. There are picturesque views and fine dining.

So, yes this is the time of year to take a look at what you would like to do on your vacation. Then give us a call and make your reservation for a great vacation in Oregon.

We do have fun Oregon!


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We always have fun when our returning guests come back to visit. This time they are a spunky group of ladies who love to laugh and enjoy sampling many types of wines.


We started our day at the Red Lion Inn & Suites McMinnville and headed on a journey to visit some Yamhill County wineries.



Our first visit was in the Dundee Hills at Wine Country Farm Bed & Breakfast and Armonea Wines. While sampling the wines we were able to see the horse riders coming in from a wine tour through the vineyards.


Then we headed south to visit Methven Family Vineyards to sample the wine and enjoy a few snacks.There was a little time for some great conversation. 

Time allowed for us to visit Brooks Wines and enjoy another array of wines. Some we were a little surprised by. We also learned about biodynamic farming.


To end our day we took a little drive down McMinnville’s Historic Third Street to check out sites and then headed to the hotel.



It was a lovely day with my returning friends. The next time you are in our neighborhood give us a call and we can enjoy the day with you.

We do have fun in Oregon!

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Wow! It has been 26 years since it has happened in the United States. This is the year for the solar eclipse to pass through our area here in Oregon. It is when the moon passes between the sun and the planet earth. It will bring a couple minutes of darkness to happen about 10:15 am.

There are many celebrations to celebrate the total solar eclipse of 2017. We have some fun planned for after the eclipse here at Embrace Oregon. Join in on some fun with us with one of our…  After the Solar Eclipse Wine Tour specials going on August 21st through 27th.

Give us a call if you are interested in sampling some award winning wines at our week of solar eclipse fun.

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The time is here. It spring time in Oregon. The flowers are coming alive and peeking out of the ground. Many of the trees are flowering and showing signs of life. 

It is also time for the Wooden Tulip Festival. There are miles of beautiful tulips of all colors. Just outside of Woodburn Oregon you will find a fun festival of tulips for you to see.

Take you camera the view is breath taking.

We do have fun in Oregon!


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