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Oregon Coast

I was able to give a tour to the Oregon Coast this week. We traveled from Cannon Beach, Oregon to Newport, Oregon. The weather was wonderful the ocean was so blue and beautiful.

We were fortunate enough to get a table at the rustic Spouting Horn restaurant which overlooks the bay and boat docks. As we ate lunch whale watching and fishing boats would come in from the sea and dock. The guests from those boats would then climb up the stairs to go about their day.

As we ate and watched everyone it was fun to view the wildlife in the bay around the docks. There were three seals swimming around trying to eat scraps from the folks who were cleaning the fish. Sea gulls were floating and flying all around the seals. When the seals would come up to the top of the water the sea gulls would try to land on the seals heads. It was a site to see.

If you go to our Embrace Oregon.com Facebook page you will get to see our pictures from our day traveling along to Pacific Coast and videos.

Go to www.embraceoregon.com and click on the word Facebook and check us out.

Have a great day in Oregon!



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If your vacations and weekend trips are like mine, we travel around the beautiful state of Oregon. We see many sites that we want to capture and take home with us. Sometimes we are with our family members and other times we are with our friends. There are so many places for us to visit and experience.

We take many pictures of those moments as they happen. Days, months, and years go by then one day you are reminded of the good times that you had. Take time and start going though your pictures. Refresh those memories and then take the time to make some new plans to see some more of our beautiful state of Oregon.

Help our state by taking another vacation in Oregon. Lets spend our money were we make it and have a great time doing it. If you need some ideas of what to do or need a tour… take a look at our website: www.embraceoregon.com

Have a great day in Oregon!

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We visited the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. The weather was great as we traveled by car through the compound. Many of the animals are wondering loose and will come right up to your car.

One of the highlights for my group was to ride the camel. The day was filled with many adventures for everyone in the group. We were able to see the turtles to elk, camels to giraffes and much more. We do not want to give you too much information or you may not want to visit the Wildlife Safari yourself. 

We hope you take time to Embrace Oregon.

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