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We have had a wonderful start to fall this year in Oregon. There has been many cool nights and sunny warm days. With this type of weather there are changes with our surroundings.

Many of the flowers are leaving us until spring. Our gardens are fading away. The leaves on our trees are turning and showing their new colors. Wow! This is a great time to get outside and take a walk or drive around your neighborhood or through the beautiful countryside.

Many people talk about going to the east coast to view the fall colors. I love the state of Oregon. Some people may think I am  just a little prejudice. But, Oregon also has beautiful fall colors and I do not need to go to the east coast to see them.

 We have more pictures of Oregon and information about events in Oregon on our website: www.embraceoregon.com  checkout our facebook page also.

I hope you are taking time to Embrace Oregon and its beauty.

Have a great day in Oregon!

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Today as I was on my journey I came across a little squirrel. It was busy gathering items and burying them for winter. I know that it is just the beginning of fall. This little squirrel sure made me think about the winter months.


I guess we all need to get prepared for the winter months. It won’t be long before winter will be here.

Have a great day in Oregon!

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Did you know that a company named Red Ridge Farms in Oregon has 13, 000 olive trees? They are pioneers in growing olives in Oregon.

We visited Red Ridge Farms this week and had a wonderful time tasting olive oil and checking out the olives on the trees.

How exciting … It will soon be harvest time.

After the olives are picked they are taking to a building on site and washed and processed. This is a very fun and exciting crop for Oregon.

Let us know at Embrace Oregon.com if you would like to take a tour and do a little olive oil tasting. We love tour guests and the chance to show them Oregon. Call us at: (503) 474-0762

Have a great day in Oregon!

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