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I can hear you ask… What is a sedimentary boulder or erratic rock? Let me give you a little history lesson.

As we look back in history and look to where Canada is now. Yes, I know it has nothing to do with Oregon right now. But, Canada was once covered by a prehistoric sea. Over millions of years with climates changes it caused the continent to shift. I know you wonder why this made a difference to Oregon.

Well, when the continent shifted it caused a great flood known to us as the Missoula Floods which washed down into Oregon. Bringing billions of tons of sediment and hundreds of chunks of glacier and trapped rocks.

Erratic Rock received its name because of its mineral composition. It is different from any of the other native bedrock in Oregon. The erratic rock a type of sedimentary rock is made up of compressed particles that had been deposited on the floor of that prehistoric Canadian sea.

I know you are still wondering why I am talking about an erratic rock. Well, during the Missoula Floods and all the sediment, chunks of glacier and rocks that was deposited here in Oregon there has been about 400 erratics found in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. A 15×6-foot erratics rock was found just outside of McMinnville, in Yamhill County. It  is the largest erratic rock known to date here in Oregon. This rock traveled all the way from the center of Canada in the Missoula Floods to Oregon.

It sits in its own state park of 4.5 acres know as the Erratic Rock Natural Site, just off highway 18. I know it may not mean to much to many of you. But, I find it interesting that a rock that size traveled that far.

If you find your self traveling through Oregon take a moment and stop and see a rock that is millions of years old.

Have a great day in Oregon!

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Many people may only think you can see wildlife in the zoo during the fall and winter. They may not know that wildlife in Oregon can been seen any time of the year. What kind of wildlife can be seen in the fall and winter you ask. Birding and elk watching are just a couple of great wildlife viewings that can be found.

Oregon has many fly zones for migrating birds throughout the state. The fall and winter are great times for birding. There are many wildlife refuges around the state. One of Oregon’s best birding areas can be found in Klamath County near Klamath Falls. Many species of birds from mallards to eagles can be seen. So, get out those binoculars and birding books and see how many species you can find. It is great fun.

Roosevelt Elk are beautiful and can be spotted in many areas of Oregon. During the fall and winter many herds of elk gather in wildlife refuge areas. The largest Roosevelt Elk refuge in Oregon is found in the coastal mountain range outside the towns of Mist and Jewell, Oregon.

Hey, if you are looking for something fun to do. The refuge rangers are always looking for volunteers to help them with feeding the elk. You get to ride on a wagon and spread feed out among the elk for them to graze on. What a great experience. I would take my camera if I was you. It is a magnificent sight to see.

So, I am hoping you do not let the fall and winter weather keep you indoors too much. You do not want to miss out on experiencing Oregon’s wildlife while they are in their own habitat.

We invite you to view Embrace Oregon.com for more ideas on things to do in Oregon.  Log on to: www.embraceoregon.com

Have a great day in Oregon!


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Are you looking for a day of fun with your best friend or family member? Checkout this tour special…

Antiquing & Wine Tour Special: Two people for $90.00 (regularly $180)Tours require a 2 passenger minimum or the equivalent of.

This tour has: Quality Customer Service giving you a wonderful antiquing & wine tasting experience with photos of your tour. We will visit three Yamhill County antique shops and finish the day with wine tasting at one of Willamette Valley’s great wineries. Let us take you on a journey to see treasures from the past. Antique purchases and Wine tasting fees are not included in this tour price. Type of Transportation will depend on the size of group. 

Give us a call if you want a day of adventure antiquing and wine tasting: Embrace Oregon (503) 474-0762. Take a look at our website: www.embraceoregon.com

Have a great day in Oregon!

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We want to Thank all of our Veternans past and present. You have given your all for each of us.

Thank you!

Have a great day in Oregon!

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Have you been to Oregon’s Willamette Valley? Yes, there is rain and sunshine as well as a little snow. But, it does not rain all the time like many believe, there is a lot of sunshine and very little snow. The Willamette Valley has a rustic, rural charm all its own.

The valley is filled with community events, historic sites and a landscape that will take your breath away. With each of the changing seasons the valley takes on a different shape and mood. So, whether you come to the Willamette Valley in the winter, spring, summer or fall you will embrace Oregon’s Willamette Valley at its best.

The valley is 100 miles long and 60 miles wide. It is filled with quaint little towns, orchards, vineyards, farmland and farms of many kinds. The towns have many wonderful small businesses. Many of them have been family owned for years and have been pasted down from generation to generation.  

The folks are very friendly and love to see you come and visit.

Embrace Oregon.com has more information on the Willamette Valley. Log onto: www.embraceoregon.com

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Our lives seem to be busy with work, school, children sports and family responsibilities. We all dream of having some fun. Well, the weekend is here… It is time to look at your options on what to do, where to go and what sounds fun.

With all of us wanting to have fun. Do you know where to look for events and things to do in Oregon? Where you, your family and friends can have a good time and everyone is happy.

Well, Embrace Oregon.com has wonderful ideas for you to look at on our website.  There is a great Oregon Current Events list from around the state of Oregon for you to take part in.  

Embrace Oregon also offers great tours like: Antiquing & Wine Tours, Specialty Shops Tours, Wine Tours, First Friday Wine, Art & More Tours, Third Saturday Wine, Art & More Tours,  December Holiday Light Tours, and Fantasy Trail Tours. 

Log onto: www.embraceoregon.com or give us a call at: (503) 474-0762 and we will help customize a tour just for you.

So, now that you have some information on where to look for weekend fun… It is time for you to start a fun weekend.

Have a great day in Oregon!   


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Yes, it is time to get ready.

It is November, Veteran’s Day is November 11, 2012.  A time to celebrate a great day of remembering those who have given so much for all of us. Weather you live in Oregon or around the United States. We need to let our service men and women know we care.

Today, I had the privilege to talk to an Army Sergeant who has given her life to help our country. She told me about her 13-year-old son and how proud he is with her for being in the army.

I too have and have had friends and family members in the armed forces. I do know how her son feels about being proud.

We live in a great nation and I hope that you join us here at Embrace Oregon by greeting and telling our service men and women how much you care.

Have a great day in Oregon!

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Yes, Oregon has olive trees! I know it is hard to believe. But, the Durant family outside of Dayton, Oregon has 77 acres or in other words 13,000 olive trees.

For a few years now I have been watching these trees grow. We have been taking folks from all around the world to visit Red Ridge Farm. They have had the opportunity to see these trees as well as to taste the olive oil that is crushed right there on the farm.


Now for the next couple of weeks Red Ridge Farm will be picking and crushing olives. This is a wonderful experience if you have not been to a crush. The Durant’s are great at giving you tasting samples of the fresh crushed olive oil.

The landscape is beautiful and the trees are loaded with olives. After the olives are picked they are taken in totes to be washed and crushed.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do… Give us a call and we will be happy to take you on a wonderful journey to see this process in Oregon. Don’t wait too long or the crush will be over.

Embrace Oregon, (503) 474-0762

Have a wonderful day in Oregon.


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