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Have you seen this little guy?

He is a beaver and was selected as Oregon’s State Animal. Oregon designated the beaver as the official state animal in 1969. Oregon is known as: The Beaver State.

Native Americans, early settlers and mountain men trapped beavers for their fur and for meat in the 1800’s.

Back in the early 19th century when fur hats were fashionable to wear, beaver fur coats and hats were all the rage. The need for fur to keep up with the fashions caused over trapping of the beaver.

The trails for trapping this furry little animal helped with marking the way to bring settlers over the Oregon Trail.

Now with management and partial protections of our state animal they are reestablished again thourghout Oregon. As you travel in Oregon’s countryside you can find many beaver in the streams and rivers.

We love our beaver here in Oregon and are proud to be the Beaver State.

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