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As we look around the world and see all the sports that take place each and every day. Sometimes we do not keep track of those which take place in our own backyards. Yes, we all do look at what is on the other side of the fence thinking it is more exciting.


Did you know that hocking has been around for a 100 years in Portland, Oregon? Well, it has. We want to thank the Historical Society for keeping track of this mark in history. Portland’s hockey started in 1914 as the Portland Rose Buds in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. We also want to thank KGW-TV for supplying pictures and for spreading the word about this mark in history.

Today, we have a wonderful team in Portland that we are watching as they make their mark in 2014. They are called the Winter Hawks.


So, if you are a sports lover make sure you are looking in your backyard and praise all those athletes who pour their hart and soul into the sport that they love. They could go down in history someday… You never know.

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Oregon has many wonderful wineries. In the state of Oregon there are a little over 500 wineries. The majority of Oregon wineries are in Yamhill County with a little over 250 wineries in all.

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Many of the wineries in Oregon are open all year long. We at Embrace Oregon are happy to take you on a wine tour to embrace an Oregon experience. We will help you understand the area that you are traveling through from one winery to the other. We love to give you a little history along with some award winning wines.


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So, if you find yourself feeling a little bored and want to have some fun. Give us a call. We will see what we can do to help you do some sightseeing in Oregon.


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We are having fun in Oregon and are looking forward to meeting you!

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Many people think only of February 14th as being Valentine’s Day. Which it is… It is also a very important day for Oregon. It is Oregon’s birthday.

Oregon became a state on February 14, 1859. So, today is Oregon’s 155th birthday.


Happy Birthday Oregon!

If you were here we could cut the cake and have some fun.

We you are ready to have some fun and see Oregon give us a call and we will show you our beautiful state.

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Hey, by the way… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Today, we took a tour at the beautiful Historic Deepwood Estate. Even though the weather was cold and a few snow flake were falling, the gardens were still very pretty.

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As we make our way to the entrance we get to stroll a short distance through the garden. There were a few flowers trying to bloom in this winter weather. Near this area of the garden there are nature paths through a wooded area that surrounds the house.

Digital Picture 028Digital Picture 029

The Deepwood Estate was built-in the 1800’s and has been transformed into a wonderful museum. As you make your way into the house you will feel like you are stepping back in time.

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Throughout the year events take place from Mother’s Day Teas to Wine & Jazz Festivals. Each year many weddings take place in the gardens.

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The Deepwood Estate is one of our stops if you take a Salem Heritage Tour with Embrace Oregon. If you would like to take a Salem Heritage Tour with us call: (503) 474-0762

Take a look at our other tours: www.embraceoregon.com

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Hey, everyone… Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter!

Get ready everyone if Punxsutawney Phil is correct we will see 6 more weeks of winter. What do you think?

Oregon needs rain and snow in the mountains. Right now Oregon is in a drought state without our rain. We would rather have rain now while it is winter rather than later when we really want the sun to shine.

Without the rain and snow in the mountains we will see more forest fires, low drinking water levels. Many of our recreational areas will be in danger of being closed off to the public due to fire danger. Farmers crops will be in danger of not growing large yields.

So, even if we want to see spring now, we need rain and snow more.

We are having fun in Oregon!

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For many years we have all looked to see what the Ground Hog will say to us on February 2.


We all want spring to show up and bring life to our flower gardens and trees. Most of us would like to put our winter clothing away and get out those shorts and tank tops.

In February we start thinking about those spring and summer vacations and getaways. Making those plans for some family fun and having backyard BBQ’s.

Many places in the United States has had some harsh winter weather. So, have you had enough of winter? Are you ready for some spring flowers to show up in your garden? Have you started looking at your spring and summer vacations and getaways yet?

We here at Embrace Oregon are ready for some spring and summer fun. We have placed great Oregon getaways on our website. So, come on little Ground Hog we are waiting to hear for you.

We are having fun in Oregon. You should join us!

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