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We had fun in Yamhill County yesterday. We visited Methven Family Vineyard and were able to take a little tour behind the scenes. Not only did we do some wine tasting in the tasting room we also ate our appetizers on the patio and enjoyed the view.

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Then we were off with Will to go behind the scenes to see the bottling of Purple Cow Vineyards wines. There was a lot going on and was able to get some insight about the process of wine making.

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It was a lovely day in Oregon’s Wine Country.

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We are having fun in Oregon!

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We here at Embrace Oregon love our state. We have seven wonderful diverse regions with much to see. We take guests from all over the world on sightseeing tours. Some of the tours are day trips and others are overnight stays.

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Many of our tours offer a little history and background on Oregon getting to where it is today. Others offer trips to unique places in Oregon. Taking a sightseeing journey to some of Oregon’s gorgeous landmarks offer you, your friends and family members many memory making moments.

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 We offer day trip tours to areas around the Willamette Valley. Embrace Oregon has a wonderful Salem tour which lets you see and learn more about the area and Salem’s history. You get to visit some historic places, gardens and have a wonderful relaxing day.

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We take reservations over the phone and customize tours to your needs. We are looking forward to giving you a great tour.

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We are having fun in Oregon!

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Happy Flag Day!

Raise your American flag and be proud of who we are.

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It is spring time in Oregon and soon be summer time. This is a time for us to spend lots of time in our backyards and gardens. We as Oregonian’s love gardening. Our beautiful state of Oregon has many beautiful wildflowers as we travel through the countryside. It also has gorgeous gardens for all to enjoy.

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We here at Embrace Oregon love to show our guests some of these outstanding gardens. We give tours all around the state of Oregon. We also give custom tours that will meet your budget weather you would like a day tour or an extended stay tour.

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Some of the gardens we like visiting are: Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, The Oregon Gardens, The International Rose Garden, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Garden just to mention a few.

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If you are interested in a guided tour to see some of Oregon’s beautiful gardens give us a call: (503) 474-0762

We are having fun in Oregon!

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