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We are in the middle of summer and each of us have things going on in our lives. Sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves. But, it is not too late… Come and take a ride with us.

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This is a beautiful time for a vacation in Oregon. Whether you want to spend a weekend, a week or even two weeks. Oregon has a lot to offer you, your family and friends.


We have wonderful sightseeing tours for you to explore and experience the great outdoors. If you like gardens, waterfall, historic places, ghost towns, wineries and breweries to mention a few then Oregon has something for you. Maybe you like museums, fishing and concerts then you need to schedule some time here in Oregon.

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We here at Embrace Oregon will customize a tour for you and for your budget. We have fun in Oregon! .

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We use so many things in our lives and around the world. Many of them we do not think about where they come from or what they look like. I personally am guilty of this act.

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Yesterday, I was out and about giving some guests a wine tour around Yamhill County’s Wine Country. We came across a friend of mine and he had something he wanted to show us. He asked the group if we all knew what he was holding. No one in the group knew. They were a little puzzled and was unsure of giving an answer.

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They were very surprised when they found out that it was a piece of cork bark off a tree. Naturally it does not grow here in Oregon. But, to see this bark makes us understand more about the items we take for granted, where it comes from and how we do not think about the process of getting things made with cork.

We each had a wonderful day and learned something new.

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We are having fun in Oregon!

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We want to congratulate the McMinnville, Oregon Grizzlies. They won all of their playoff games on July 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th. They have become the NAFA Western National Champions this season.
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We are very proud of your team and all that you have accomplished.

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We were happy to have been there to see you play and see all the great team work and pride you showed with your games.

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Everyone had a good time and there were many moments of excitement. Way to go Grizzlies!

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We had the chance to enjoy ourselves at the Rushing River Retreat B&B. The weather was wonderful and the surrounding view is beautiful. The Rushing River Retreat B&B is located in the Cascade Mountain Range near Detroit Lake outside a little community of Idana, Oregon.

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Breakfast is provide each day and my friends thought it was terrific. The BBQ equipment is provide all you need to do is bring your food for your lunches and dinners. Or, you can eat out at Detroit Lake.

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Located on the bank of the Santiam River you will feel like it is camping but much better. You have those relaxing sounds of the rushing river going by. You are able to sit and read a book, visit with your friends and family or just take a little nap in your relaxing room.

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Each of the rooms have a little balcony for you to embrace. If you are wanting to explore or enjoy swimming, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, boating and fishing the lake is just down the road.

Your host and hostess at the B&B are friendly and very gracious.

We are having fun in Oregon!

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During the summer there are many place in Oregon to have fun. Detroit Lake is one of them. When you visit Detroit Lake you will discover how beautiful the area is. It is located in the Cascade Mountain Range with lush Douglas fir trees surrounding the lake and carpeting the hillsides. You will also have views of Mt. Jefferson.

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Detroit Lake is definitely a family recreational area with camping sites located around the lake with areas for swimming, fishing. There are areas to launch your boats for water skiing and fishing. If you are into kayaking, canoeing and standup boarding and do not have one those are available for rent.

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If you are a fisher person and bring your fishing pole you can try your luck on a boat, off the shore or at the Detroit Dam.

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Throughout the summer the small quaint city of Detroit Lake has activities for the family as well as a few shops for you to discover. It is a great place to spend some time during a vacation, a weekend or just for a day.

We are having fun in Oregon!

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As we discover and embrace Oregon and all the exciting things to see and do. It is fun to take a moment out of our day to look at things of the past. The Old Aurora Colony Museum is one of those places that is fun to visit. You will get to see the tools, dishes and other items which were brought to Oregon. It is a great place to hear about the struggles and hardships these pioneers endured on their journey to Oregon.

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The museum is a great place to learn about the colony and where everyone came from. The grounds are open for you to explore and see these old buildings.

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It is amazing to see items from the past and learn what it took for folk to come to Oregon.

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This is a time to be proud of who we are and the country that we live in. For all those who have given so much for us to have the lives we have today. We live in a wonderful country and have rights that are envied by many.

So, celebrate our country’s birthday and stand up for our flag, national anthem and all our rights of freedom that we embrace daily and sometimes take for granted.


Happy Birthday America!

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A beautiful day in Oregon as we worked our way to Scholls, Oregon. Scholls is a farmland community with only a few businesses. You will find a grade school, small market, café, church and a farm and garden market all surrounded by farmland.


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If you are looking for a relaxing day or want to pickup some Oregon grown fruit and select some flowers and berries. Scholls is a great place to visit. As we looked around we found these beautiful plants and flower baskets.

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When it is time for a little lunch or snack then a visit to South Store Café is the place to go. You can either sit inside or sit outside in the garden area.

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As you travel to Scholls you will work your way through countryside of farmland with many types of crop growing. We stopped to see some of the crops that are growing in the area and a short visit to the berry farm.

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There are apples, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and marionberries. You could smell the sweet berries as we walked around the berry farm. We had fun watching the children in the berry field. One little brother was too shy to get his picture taken. This is an experience they will talk about for years to come. Going to the berry field to pick the fruit for canning and making pies and jellies.

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So, if you are in the neighborhood of Scholls, Oregon stop by and embrace the view, pick some fruit and enjoy. The folks are friendly and you will be able to embrace Oregon and its beauty.

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And no…. he would not show his berry face for the camera. When you looked at his face you could tell which berries he liked. He wore them well.

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