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Have you ever thought about the things we experienced when we were younger. Or, have you ever gone somewhere and as you are taking in an experience it sparks memories of the past. Well, that has happened to me!

Have you ever heard of the term “Drag The Gut”? That was a term used when I was a teen. The term drag the gut referred to taking your car and friends to the main street of your city and driving up and down the streets showing off your car to everyone on the sidewalks and around town each Friday and Saturday night.
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Each year in August the city of McMinnville, Oregon has a “Drag The Gut” event. It is like going back in time. The majority of folk driving the vehicles are no longer in their teens. Many of them are all my age. Now, it is not nice to ask how old I am. Just know I am old enough. They bring their beautiful model A’s, classic cars, pickup trucks and hot rods to this two day event. People line up on the sidewalks all around town to see these vehicles in the parking lots and driving up and down the streets. There are sounds of music coming from the cars, the roaring engines and the music from their radio’s.

Digital Picture 2175

As these magnificent vehicles roar by you, you take the time to admire them as well as remember stories about them. We also take the time to remember being in and even owning some of these beautiful vehicles. Seeing them can spark memories of going to drive-in to see a great movie with your friends.

Digital Picture 2044

Where ever your memories take you it is great to experience the past today.

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Many of us go our whole life not knowing enough about our own culture. We get busy or think we are too busy to take the time. Or, we feel that when we retire there will be more time for us to learn more about our roots.

Our country’s Native Americans have always tried to hang on to their roots. Their annual Pow Wow’s are just one of the ways they tell the stories of their history and their traditions. Many tribal story tellers and tribal crafts can be found at these pow wows for you to learn more about the Native American culture.

Digital Picture 784

This was an exciting weekend at Grand Rhonde, Oregon’s Pow Wow. There were local tribal members as well as many other tribal members from all around the Northwest.

The dancing competitions took place for two days. The excitement grew as the competitions came closer to the end of this event. It was a beautiful site to see the tiny children to the elders dressed in their authentic ceremonial dress and to perform their traditional dances.

Digital Picture 711

Each of the dancers had their own style as they competed in the competition and danced to their tradition dances. They were judges by their peers some of which were dancers as well. The dancers danced to the music of the drums and ceremonial chants in their native languages.

Digital Picture 735

I was lucky enough to experience this pride and joy of traditional Native American dance and history. My hope is that you will someday do the same. We each need to respect our own roots and traditions as well as others. The more we know about someone else the more we find out we are more alike that we thought.

We are having fun in Oregon!

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This morning was a morning where I wanted to catch the hot air balloons taking off at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Naturally it was a two day event and today was the last day for them to lift off as a group. I have been busy with wine tours this week and this was the morning for me to catch them.

Digital Picture 008

Well, I woke up a little late. I did however jump in the shower and dress and head for the museum. As I approached the turn off for the museum I saw eight of the balloons drifting off to the south of me. I pulled the car over and tried to catch some pictures of these balloons that were in my site. I did not have a camera with me with a zoom lens. So, my photos are a little distant and not very good.

Digital Picture 003

This is an adventure I am sure others have experienced. Too late and do not have the correct equipment. When I arrived to the museum all the balloons were gone. But, you could see the last of them drifting away in the sky. Way too far away for the camera in my hand to catch another photo.

All is good! It is still a fun adventure to see these balloons in the sky. If you have ever gone on a hot air balloon ride. It is truly an adventure drifting over the gorgeous landscape below. Just floating like the clouds.

Even if your adventure does not go as planned… It can still be enjoyable. We are having fun in Oregon!

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As we travel around the beautiful state of Oregon there is much to see. Oregon’s waterfalls are just one of the many things to take time to visit. If you have never been to Silver Falls State Park you should mark your calendar to do so.

silver falls3

This lush forested park has camping, meadows to play in, a historic lodge and trails to beautiful waterfalls. If you like hiking or walking through the forest. This is a trip you should take. As you walk the trails you will experience the beauty of the forest and all the gorgeous plant life. Then when you think you have seen it all, there will be a wonderful waterfall to enjoy.

silver falls2

So, this almost nine mile moderate hike will allow you to visit 10 spectacular waterfalls in a beautiful forested landscape. It is a sight to see.

We have tours to view the waterfall at Silver Falls State Park if you ever want to join us.

We are having fun in Oregon!

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Well, the question is… Have you been to Vernonia, Oregon?

Digital Picture 540

You can discover the shops and have a good meal at one of the eateries in town.

Digital Picture 538

It is a quaint little town in Oregon’s Coastal Mountain Range. There are two public parks and summertime swimming in the river.

Digital Picture 556

If you like camping there is a campground on the edge of town for you to bring your camper or motorhome to stay overnight.  The countryside is filled with timber and wilderness areas. A short drive from Vernonia in the early spring and fall you can find herds of Roosevelt Elk. You may see deer and a large variety of birds.  Digital Picture 518If you are wanting to experience a fun time on walking paths, biking paths and horseback riding trails then, Vernonia is a great place to explore. There are miles of paved trails that run from Banks, Oregon to Vernonia which run through the lush forested countryside.

     Digital Picture 515

So, if you have not been to Vernonia, Oregon it just may be time to make a date to visit.

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We are having fun in Oregon!

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Have you had a chance to visit one of Oregon’s great farmers Market’s. They are filled with delicious locally grown fruits and vegetables. The goodies do not stop there. Many wonderful crafters and artists are displaying their latest works.

Digital Picture 255

There are many vendors with food booths at the farmers market’s. Take time to try some of the scrumptious foods that are being served while you listen to the local musicians. They are performing a show just for the market visitors.

Digital Picture 275

Oregon’s farmers market’s take place on different days through out the summer and into the fall months. There is still time for you to checkout your local market.

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We here at Embrace Oregon pride ourselves on supporting our local economy. We hope you do the same.

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