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Zebra's enjoying the sunshine.

Zebra’s enjoying the sunshine, Winston, Oregon. 

The time is here…. It is vacation time for many of us.

As we start our vacations and spread our wings to have fun checking out wildlife in our area and around the world. We must remember to keep our distance and respect that they are wild animals.

They do not read the signs, warning postings which maybe around the area. Animals live a very different life style than we do. We must remember they are wild animals and look at other small animals and people as lunch or dinner.


Everyone admires the beauty of our planets wildlife. Their coloring, fur, size, shapes, and the noise that they make… such as the roar of the lion. Some Wildlife & More 084animals like the water, holes in the ground and some like being in the trees and rocks. Where ever you are keep your eyes open and remember this is their home we are visiting as well as ours. Go about your day and try not to disturb their home.


It is wonderful to study them and see the habitat in which they live. There are things you need to know when you visit their homes. Do not touch or move their babies. The mother’s of these babies will come back and take care of them, even if you do not see the mothers. If, you are concerned. Contact a ranger and let the rangers handle the situation.  Always stay your distance. Animals move fast and you may be in their pathway or too close to their babies. Always stay calm and do not run from them. This could cause the animal to chase after you. Wildlife & More 430

 Read up about the area you are going to visit. This way you will be prepared for situations that may arise. Make sure you have food, beepers, maps and let others know where you are going and what your plans are. Be smart in the woods and be safe as you enjoy your vacation time.


We do have fun in Oregon!

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