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We love traveling around our scenic state of Oregon and taking in nature as we give sightseeing and wine tours. There is always time to enjoy some of nature’s gifts like seeing wildlife. We have been able to enjoy seeing this delightful butterfly many times as we tour Oregon.


The Swallowtail  Butterfly is also known as Papilio oregonius. This beautiful butterfly is native to the United States and can be found all around Oregon and the northwest.


Oregon adopted the Swallowtail Butterfly as Oregon’s Official State Insect in 1979.

       Swallowtail Butter State insect 1979

The adult Oregon swallowtail feeds on nectar from many types of wildflowers. Observing these charming butterflies also allows you to view the wildflowers in the area. 


   This butterfly was featured on a US postal stamp, it was one of the first four of the butterfly series issued in 1977. 


  We love discovering Oregon and embrace the nature that surrounds us. Whenever you visit Oregon take time to discover some of the little things that my just fly by. 

We do have fun in Oregon!

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