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The time is here to make those great Oregon vacations plans. Have you made your plans to visit Oregon this year? There is much to do in Oregon’s seven regions with all its diversity. Embrace Oregon loves showing off Oregon to all its visitors.

Just a couple weeks ago we were on the Oregon Coast. Now you may think that the winter time is not a good time to visit the Oregon Coast. But, it is a great time of the year as well as the summer. Many people love to see the stormy waves coming up on the beach. To stroll the beach for shells and treasure that wash ashore after a stormy night.


There are miles of beaches for you to discover on the Oregon Coast.




The wildlife that appears out of the blue for you to discover can be a highlight. Just like the picture of two Bald Eagles on the beach looking at the ocean. I know this picture is a little blurry because I was a little to far away when I took it. What a wonderful discovery.


So, matter what your plans are for an Oregon vacation. We are here to help you embrace a marvelous time.

Give us a call (503) 474-0762 and check out our website: http://www.embraceoregon.com . We look forward to hearing from you.

We do have fun in Oregon!


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It is here…. It is Spring… Many of us are on spring break from school, work and just because. There are changes taking place all around us. Many of us are seeing the spring flowers blooming. Each day is another wonderful day of color.

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We are taking time to experience the outdoors and enjoy seeing our surroundings come alive after a long winters nap. For some of us this means gardening, taking a bike ride, a walk or a hike in the mountains. For us here in Oregon we love the changing of the seasons and love to be outdoors. We cherish seeing our gardens grow as well as embracing the mountains, high desert and all seven regions of our state.

Many of us enjoy heading to the Oregon coast to see if we can find a treasure whale-watching1on the beach. Some of us watch the gorgeous waves come a shore. Others like spotting wildlife like pods of whales who are swimming by.

Spring is a great time of the year in Oregon. We here at Embrace Oregon invite you to experience a vacation here in Oregon. Take a look at our tours and some of the fun you could be having.

We do have fun in Oregon! 

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