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Zebra's enjoying the sunshine.

Zebra’s enjoying the sunshine, Winston, Oregon. 

The time is here…. It is vacation time for many of us.

As we start our vacations and spread our wings to have fun checking out wildlife in our area and around the world. We must remember to keep our distance and respect that they are wild animals.

They do not read the signs, warning postings which maybe around the area. Animals live a very different life style than we do. We must remember they are wild animals and look at other small animals and people as lunch or dinner.


Everyone admires the beauty of our planets wildlife. Their coloring, fur, size, shapes, and the noise that they make… such as the roar of the lion. Some Wildlife & More 084animals like the water, holes in the ground and some like being in the trees and rocks. Where ever you are keep your eyes open and remember this is their home we are visiting as well as ours. Go about your day and try not to disturb their home.


It is wonderful to study them and see the habitat in which they live. There are things you need to know when you visit their homes. Do not touch or move their babies. The mother’s of these babies will come back and take care of them, even if you do not see the mothers. If, you are concerned. Contact a ranger and let the rangers handle the situation.  Always stay your distance. Animals move fast and you may be in their pathway or too close to their babies. Always stay calm and do not run from them. This could cause the animal to chase after you. Wildlife & More 430

 Read up about the area you are going to visit. This way you will be prepared for situations that may arise. Make sure you have food, beepers, maps and let others know where you are going and what your plans are. Be smart in the woods and be safe as you enjoy your vacation time.


We do have fun in Oregon!

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Wildlife & More 100

Many of us love wildlife and would like to get up close and personal with the wildlife around us. We all know that is not a wise thing to do. We do not want to disturb the wildlife. We want them to have as much freedom to live in their nature habitat as possible.  But, we can visit areas around us where we can learn more about our worlds wildlife and get up and personal.

Wildlife & More 172

We had the chance to visit the Wildlife Game Safari Park at Bandon, Oregon. We were able to see a wide variety of wildlife, feed them and pet some of the babies.

Wildlife & More 646

It was a nice place for families to learn and experience some time with our wildlife friends. We need to take care of our world and all who live here.

If you would like to join us sometime… Give us a call.

We do have fun in Oregon!

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Coos County Fam 2014 203

We had some fun in Springfield, Oregon this last weekend. As we strolled around the city streets we came across wonderful murals. Then it was time to have a short visit with Bart and the family. It was fun for everyone to have a picture with Bart and his family on their couch.

Coos County Fam 2014 234

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Where ever you are in Oregon you will be seeing our scenery changing. The views from beautiful colored leaves to snow and ice and yes, you are going to see rain as well. Many of us Oregonians welcome the rain. We know when the rain comes the temperature is going to be a little warmer in many areas around the state during the winter. We also know there will be snow in the mountains as well as Central and Eastern Oregon.

eastern or first snow2012

As we travel around our gorgeous state of Oregon we will see the beauty in these scenery changes.  Outdoor activities do not stop in the winter. The snow brings out the skiers and snowboarders along with family fun. The sleds come out of storage and are ready for those to zoom down the hills sides. You will see many snowballs being formed into wonderful snowmen.

So, get out there and embrace the winter months and the family fun they can bring you your family.  Please remember to be safe.

We have many winter tours available for you to enjoy. We also have gift certificates available for you to give your loved ones for your gift giving. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

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During the summer there are many place in Oregon to have fun. Detroit Lake is one of them. When you visit Detroit Lake you will discover how beautiful the area is. It is located in the Cascade Mountain Range with lush Douglas fir trees surrounding the lake and carpeting the hillsides. You will also have views of Mt. Jefferson.

Digital Picture 930

Detroit Lake is definitely a family recreational area with camping sites located around the lake with areas for swimming, fishing. There are areas to launch your boats for water skiing and fishing. If you are into kayaking, canoeing and standup boarding and do not have one those are available for rent.

Digital Picture 933

If you are a fisher person and bring your fishing pole you can try your luck on a boat, off the shore or at the Detroit Dam.

Digital Picture 921

Throughout the summer the small quaint city of Detroit Lake has activities for the family as well as a few shops for you to discover. It is a great place to spend some time during a vacation, a weekend or just for a day.

We are having fun in Oregon!

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For many years we have all looked to see what the Ground Hog will say to us on February 2.


We all want spring to show up and bring life to our flower gardens and trees. Most of us would like to put our winter clothing away and get out those shorts and tank tops.

In February we start thinking about those spring and summer vacations and getaways. Making those plans for some family fun and having backyard BBQ’s.

Many places in the United States has had some harsh winter weather. So, have you had enough of winter? Are you ready for some spring flowers to show up in your garden? Have you started looking at your spring and summer vacations and getaways yet?

We here at Embrace Oregon are ready for some spring and summer fun. We have placed great Oregon getaways on our website. So, come on little Ground Hog we are waiting to hear for you.

We are having fun in Oregon. You should join us!

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When we look around our state of Oregon for fun things to do… don’t forget about our small town fun. Every weekend now through the summer there are town and city fairs and festivals. Take time to visit these events and embrace them and the fun you will have.


It is a great opportunity to see your neighbors and have some family time. Attending these events can enrich your family life. Shopping local can also be very rewarding for you and your community. Farmers markets take place all around our beautiful state of Oregon. There is nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables from our local farms.

To learn about more Oregon events log onto: http://www.embraceoregon.com to sign up for an Oregon tour call: (503) 474-0762

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