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The weather is changing and it is getting nice outside. This is the time where many of us are making plans with our family and friends to have fun this year. Sometimes we get all caught up with going, we are forget to really prepare for these fun adventures.

Getting to know the plants on the trail.

Getting to know the plants on the trail.

Make sure you prepare for those adventures. Get to know your surroundings and have a plan in case of an emergency. Take extra food and water, an emergency/first aid kit, and make sure everyone on the outing knows where to meet if separated from the group.  It is always good to know of some of the dangers like poisonous plants in the area that you are visiting.

Here in the Pacific Northwest and all around the Willamette Valley we have many plants which are very friendly but, we do have some that are not so friendly.

Poison oak is one of those plants that is not friendly to us. It can grow as a vine or a shrub. It can be without leaves in the winter. During the spring and fall the leaves will be red and green and very pretty. During the summer poison oak will be a solid green. It can look just like small oak trees. But, don’t be fooled. If you touch this plant it will give you a very uncomfortable itchy rash. Sometimes with blisters… And, it will spread if you scratch it.

Poison oak is a plant in the Pacific Northwest.

Poison oak is a plant in the Pacific Northwest.

We want you to have lots of fun and to beware of the dangers that may be out there when you are having fun this year.

So, as you get ready for your adventures and journeys this year. Make plans to be safe and enjoy all the exciting moments you, your family and friends are going to have.

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