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Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

Historic Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

This Queen Anne Style Victorian-era residence was built in 1888 by Dr. T.W. Shelton. He had Oregon builder Walter Pugh build this home on the hillside overlooking the city of Eugene and the train station. Today it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1888 Living room parlor

This historic home is open to the public to view. The house is furnished for the era of which it was built. It give you a great look at what it was like to visit this home in the late 1800’s.

Shelton McMurphey Johnson House bedroom

This house is now named after the three families who lived there. It is now owned by the city of Eugene, Oregon and is open to the public for viewing, tea parties and more. It is a great place to visit. Don’t forget to enjoy the garden when visiting. 

Join us for a Oregon adventure. We do have fun in Oregon! 

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July 2015 116

As we travel around Oregon we see the vast landscape with its fields, orchards, gardens and row crops. Without taking time to stop and view these wonderful sights you will never know the how importance they are. We sometimes get so involved in our day-to-day lives we forget to look at the little things that make our days better.

Today, we were traveling around the countryside of Oregon and took the time to look at the vineyards, trees, corn fields and all the grass fields and orchards that surrounded us. It was a beautiful site with every color imaginable. There are so many colors of greens, yellows and browns.

July 2015 135

Have you looked at the summer flowers? Those in your yards and those which grow wild along the highways. They are with bright gorgeous colors than make them stand out for you to take notice.

So, remember when you are going about your day to take a moment to view your surroundings. Remember those farmers who work so hard to grow food for your table. Remember to have fun among the beautiful colorful flowers that also brighten your day. We are blessed with a beautiful place to live, work and play.

July 2015 103

We love to explore our beautiful state of Oregon. If you would like to join us… Give us a call.

We do have fun in Oregon!

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May 2015 025

Every once in a while there are special moments you just can not pass by. This week I had one of those special moments that happened in front of me. Now, there are times where we are too busy to take time to share in someone else’s moments. Then there are times where you just know that you should share with others in their special moments.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young man who wanted to share the day with his girlfriend on a wine tour. He told me of his plans. So, after hearing his plans I was sure I wanted to help him with this wine tour. I made sure it was a private tour. With each winery offering something different for them to embrace. They had a tour of a wine cellar along with pictures with barrels of wine. There were great views to enjoy a few snacks as they sampled wine. Even wineries that said they were closed were open just for them.

The last winery of the day was at the beautiful Wine Country Farm Bed & Breakfast and Armonea` Vineyard and Winery. It over looks the valley from the Dundee Hills. After sampling an array of wines this young couple took their glass of wine and strolled through the gardens. At the edge of the garden there is a gazebo where this young couple sat down to shared their wine and some chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate kisses.

May 2015 064

Soon came a special moment. This young man got down his knee and opened a jewelry box with a lovely ring. He took the ring and her hand and asked his girlfriend to marry him. She was surprised and with tears, smiles and kisses… She said…. Yes! This is a one in a life time moment that they will never forget.

May 2015 074

Everyone one who shared in their day felt blessed to be a small part of their special moment. I know I do. So, as you go through your life do not pass by a special moment in yours or someone else’s life.

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We are in the middle of summer and each of us have things going on in our lives. Sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves. But, it is not too late… Come and take a ride with us.

Digital Picture 569

This is a beautiful time for a vacation in Oregon. Whether you want to spend a weekend, a week or even two weeks. Oregon has a lot to offer you, your family and friends.


We have wonderful sightseeing tours for you to explore and experience the great outdoors. If you like gardens, waterfall, historic places, ghost towns, wineries and breweries to mention a few then Oregon has something for you. Maybe you like museums, fishing and concerts then you need to schedule some time here in Oregon.

Digital Picture 039

We here at Embrace Oregon will customize a tour for you and for your budget. We have fun in Oregon! .

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Digital Picture 502

As we discover and embrace Oregon and all the exciting things to see and do. It is fun to take a moment out of our day to look at things of the past. The Old Aurora Colony Museum is one of those places that is fun to visit. You will get to see the tools, dishes and other items which were brought to Oregon. It is a great place to hear about the struggles and hardships these pioneers endured on their journey to Oregon.

Digital Picture 508

The museum is a great place to learn about the colony and where everyone came from. The grounds are open for you to explore and see these old buildings.

Digital Picture 510

It is amazing to see items from the past and learn what it took for folk to come to Oregon.

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A beautiful day in Oregon as we worked our way to Scholls, Oregon. Scholls is a farmland community with only a few businesses. You will find a grade school, small market, café, church and a farm and garden market all surrounded by farmland.


Digital Picture 068

If you are looking for a relaxing day or want to pickup some Oregon grown fruit and select some flowers and berries. Scholls is a great place to visit. As we looked around we found these beautiful plants and flower baskets.

Digital Picture 069

When it is time for a little lunch or snack then a visit to South Store Café is the place to go. You can either sit inside or sit outside in the garden area.

Digital Picture 081 Digital Picture 066

As you travel to Scholls you will work your way through countryside of farmland with many types of crop growing. We stopped to see some of the crops that are growing in the area and a short visit to the berry farm.

Digital Picture 074 Digital Picture 087

There are apples, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and marionberries. You could smell the sweet berries as we walked around the berry farm. We had fun watching the children in the berry field. One little brother was too shy to get his picture taken. This is an experience they will talk about for years to come. Going to the berry field to pick the fruit for canning and making pies and jellies.

Digital Picture 095 Digital Picture 096

So, if you are in the neighborhood of Scholls, Oregon stop by and embrace the view, pick some fruit and enjoy. The folks are friendly and you will be able to embrace Oregon and its beauty.

Digital Picture 109 Digital Picture 115

And no…. he would not show his berry face for the camera. When you looked at his face you could tell which berries he liked. He wore them well.

Digital Picture 097

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We here at Embrace Oregon love our state. We have seven wonderful diverse regions with much to see. We take guests from all over the world on sightseeing tours. Some of the tours are day trips and others are overnight stays.

Digital Picture 171

Many of our tours offer a little history and background on Oregon getting to where it is today. Others offer trips to unique places in Oregon. Taking a sightseeing journey to some of Oregon’s gorgeous landmarks offer you, your friends and family members many memory making moments.

Digital Picture 817

 We offer day trip tours to areas around the Willamette Valley. Embrace Oregon has a wonderful Salem tour which lets you see and learn more about the area and Salem’s history. You get to visit some historic places, gardens and have a wonderful relaxing day.

Digital Picture 334

We take reservations over the phone and customize tours to your needs. We are looking forward to giving you a great tour.

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We are having fun in Oregon!

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It is spring time in Oregon and soon be summer time. This is a time for us to spend lots of time in our backyards and gardens. We as Oregonian’s love gardening. Our beautiful state of Oregon has many beautiful wildflowers as we travel through the countryside. It also has gorgeous gardens for all to enjoy.

Digital Picture 039

We here at Embrace Oregon love to show our guests some of these outstanding gardens. We give tours all around the state of Oregon. We also give custom tours that will meet your budget weather you would like a day tour or an extended stay tour.

Digital Picture 159

Some of the gardens we like visiting are: Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, The Oregon Gardens, The International Rose Garden, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Garden just to mention a few.

Digital Picture 136

If you are interested in a guided tour to see some of Oregon’s beautiful gardens give us a call: (503) 474-0762

We are having fun in Oregon!

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Digital Picture 027


Today, we took a tour at the beautiful Historic Deepwood Estate. Even though the weather was cold and a few snow flake were falling, the gardens were still very pretty.

Digital Picture 032

As we make our way to the entrance we get to stroll a short distance through the garden. There were a few flowers trying to bloom in this winter weather. Near this area of the garden there are nature paths through a wooded area that surrounds the house.

Digital Picture 028Digital Picture 029

The Deepwood Estate was built-in the 1800’s and has been transformed into a wonderful museum. As you make your way into the house you will feel like you are stepping back in time.

Digital Picture 012

Throughout the year events take place from Mother’s Day Teas to Wine & Jazz Festivals. Each year many weddings take place in the gardens.

Digital Picture 001

The Deepwood Estate is one of our stops if you take a Salem Heritage Tour with Embrace Oregon. If you would like to take a Salem Heritage Tour with us call: (503) 474-0762

Take a look at our other tours: www.embraceoregon.com

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For many years we have all looked to see what the Ground Hog will say to us on February 2.


We all want spring to show up and bring life to our flower gardens and trees. Most of us would like to put our winter clothing away and get out those shorts and tank tops.

In February we start thinking about those spring and summer vacations and getaways. Making those plans for some family fun and having backyard BBQ’s.

Many places in the United States has had some harsh winter weather. So, have you had enough of winter? Are you ready for some spring flowers to show up in your garden? Have you started looking at your spring and summer vacations and getaways yet?

We here at Embrace Oregon are ready for some spring and summer fun. We have placed great Oregon getaways on our website. So, come on little Ground Hog we are waiting to hear for you.

We are having fun in Oregon. You should join us!

Our website: www.embraceoregon.com

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