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July 2015 116

As we travel around Oregon we see the vast landscape with its fields, orchards, gardens and row crops. Without taking time to stop and view these wonderful sights you will never know the how importance they are. We sometimes get so involved in our day-to-day lives we forget to look at the little things that make our days better.

Today, we were traveling around the countryside of Oregon and took the time to look at the vineyards, trees, corn fields and all the grass fields and orchards that surrounded us. It was a beautiful site with every color imaginable. There are so many colors of greens, yellows and browns.

July 2015 135

Have you looked at the summer flowers? Those in your yards and those which grow wild along the highways. They are with bright gorgeous colors than make them stand out for you to take notice.

So, remember when you are going about your day to take a moment to view your surroundings. Remember those farmers who work so hard to grow food for your table. Remember to have fun among the beautiful colorful flowers that also brighten your day. We are blessed with a beautiful place to live, work and play.

July 2015 103

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As we travel around Oregon this time of the year we find the fall colors. The leaves shine in the fall sunlight with bright reds, yellows, oranges and greens.

Sumpter Fall Foliage

The fall Oregon weather gives us cool nights and warm days which allows us to take wonderful walks and drives through our quaint neighborhoods, parks and forests. The view of the mountains and its colorful foliage are something to embrace.

Mt Hood near Hood River

Have a great day in Oregon.

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