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Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

Historic Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

This Queen Anne Style Victorian-era residence was built in 1888 by Dr. T.W. Shelton. He had Oregon builder Walter Pugh build this home on the hillside overlooking the city of Eugene and the train station. Today it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1888 Living room parlor

This historic home is open to the public to view. The house is furnished for the era of which it was built. It give you a great look at what it was like to visit this home in the late 1800’s.

Shelton McMurphey Johnson House bedroom

This house is now named after the three families who lived there. It is now owned by the city of Eugene, Oregon and is open to the public for viewing, tea parties and more. It is a great place to visit. Don’t forget to enjoy the garden when visiting. 

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As we give tours to our customers from Oregon and those who are from outside our beautiful state. We try to help you discover Oregon and its many wonders. We love showing off the unusual things and fun places that are in Oregon. One of those things are in the city of Forest Grove, Oregon.

Forest Grove is a small city located in the Willamette Valley at the foot hills of the Coastal Mountain Range. It is a college town and has many historic homes along with a great historic background and a active artist community.

Did you know that Forest Grove has the world’s tallest Barbershop Pole? It does! So, if you find yourself in this quaint city make sure you take the time to find this one of a kind barbershop pole.

Forest Grove Barber Pole


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