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The weather is changing and it is getting nice outside. This is the time where many of us are making plans with our family and friends to have fun this year. Sometimes we get all caught up with going, we are forget to really prepare for these fun adventures.

Getting to know the plants on the trail.

Getting to know the plants on the trail.

Make sure you prepare for those adventures. Get to know your surroundings and have a plan in case of an emergency. Take extra food and water, an emergency/first aid kit, and make sure everyone on the outing knows where to meet if separated from the group.  It is always good to know of some of the dangers like poisonous plants in the area that you are visiting.

Here in the Pacific Northwest and all around the Willamette Valley we have many plants which are very friendly but, we do have some that are not so friendly.

Poison oak is one of those plants that is not friendly to us. It can grow as a vine or a shrub. It can be without leaves in the winter. During the spring and fall the leaves will be red and green and very pretty. During the summer poison oak will be a solid green. It can look just like small oak trees. But, don’t be fooled. If you touch this plant it will give you a very uncomfortable itchy rash. Sometimes with blisters… And, it will spread if you scratch it.

Poison oak is a plant in the Pacific Northwest.

Poison oak is a plant in the Pacific Northwest.

We want you to have lots of fun and to beware of the dangers that may be out there when you are having fun this year.

So, as you get ready for your adventures and journeys this year. Make plans to be safe and enjoy all the exciting moments you, your family and friends are going to have.

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We do have fun in Oregon! 

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Where ever you are in Oregon you will be seeing our scenery changing. The views from beautiful colored leaves to snow and ice and yes, you are going to see rain as well. Many of us Oregonians welcome the rain. We know when the rain comes the temperature is going to be a little warmer in many areas around the state during the winter. We also know there will be snow in the mountains as well as Central and Eastern Oregon.

eastern or first snow2012

As we travel around our gorgeous state of Oregon we will see the beauty in these scenery changes.  Outdoor activities do not stop in the winter. The snow brings out the skiers and snowboarders along with family fun. The sleds come out of storage and are ready for those to zoom down the hills sides. You will see many snowballs being formed into wonderful snowmen.

So, get out there and embrace the winter months and the family fun they can bring you your family.  Please remember to be safe.

We have many winter tours available for you to enjoy. We also have gift certificates available for you to give your loved ones for your gift giving. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

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We would love to show you Oregon. Today was a special day. I met someone today for a wine tour. She was coming to McMinnville for the day from out of state. We met at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. When you go to pick up a new person you have never met before it is a great opportunity to learn about a new friend. It gives you time to learn about where they come from and things they like to see and do.

Digital Picture 331

As we started out to see Yamhill County’s wine country we talked about where she came from and the type of wines she like. She told me of her areas of expertise with her job and how she loved to travel and try new foods and wines.

Digital Picture 182

I gave her a little history of the area and about Oregon’s wonderful wine country. Since this was her first time wine tasting in Oregon she was eager to learn and sample wine. We traveled through McMinnville and headed to Carlton Cellars for a short tour of the winery and to sample wine. From Carlton Cellars we worked our way through the countryside to Laurel Ridge Winery where we had a light snack lunch along with… some more wine. Our last stop of the day was at Methven Family Vineyards. Which sits among acres if grapevines that have just been harvested. The leaves are starting to turn from green to gorgeous fall colors.

Digital Picture 802

As the day came to an end and it was time to return her back to McMinnville, I knew Embrace Oregon and I had a new friend. It is always good to take the time to enjoy the day with someone new that you can call friend.

Digital Picture 363

If you would like to be one of our new friends and join us on a tour in Oregon.

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As we travel around Oregon this time of the year we find the fall colors. The leaves shine in the fall sunlight with bright reds, yellows, oranges and greens.

Sumpter Fall Foliage

The fall Oregon weather gives us cool nights and warm days which allows us to take wonderful walks and drives through our quaint neighborhoods, parks and forests. The view of the mountains and its colorful foliage are something to embrace.

Mt Hood near Hood River

Have a great day in Oregon.

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We have had a wonderful start to fall this year in Oregon. There has been many cool nights and sunny warm days. With this type of weather there are changes with our surroundings.

Many of the flowers are leaving us until spring. Our gardens are fading away. The leaves on our trees are turning and showing their new colors. Wow! This is a great time to get outside and take a walk or drive around your neighborhood or through the beautiful countryside.

Many people talk about going to the east coast to view the fall colors. I love the state of Oregon. Some people may think I am  just a little prejudice. But, Oregon also has beautiful fall colors and I do not need to go to the east coast to see them.

 We have more pictures of Oregon and information about events in Oregon on our website: www.embraceoregon.com  checkout our facebook page also.

I hope you are taking time to Embrace Oregon and its beauty.

Have a great day in Oregon!

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