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We know during winter the weather can give us some ups and downs. The last few years our Oregon weather has been very mild when it comes to storms.  This last week we have been experiencing those wind and rainy storms that remind us of 1996/1997. Many of our small communities have had flooding from the rivers, streams and creeks that are within our beautiful state.

We know that we need the rain during the winter and spring months. It helps to bring snow into our mountain ranges. Those snow packs help us with our water supplies throughout the state. The snow packs also help to prevent forest fires during the summer months. Which is a very good thing. We here in Oregon are big for the outdoors. Spending time in our forests and enjoying outdoor sports are a life style for us. We need the snow in the mountains to have fun in the summer.

In the mean time we sometimes experience those creeks, rivers and streams to over flow their banks. We come together with neighbors to help out those who need help during these times. To help those small business owners who need us to be patrons as they rebuild their businesses after being flooded.

So, please remember those who are in your neighborhoods who need a helping hand during this time. They may not ask but reach out to see if there is something you can do. You may not have money to give but, you may be able to give some blankets, clothes or even some food from your cupboards that could help. You could even give an hour or two to pitch in and do some cleaning. We have many elderly folks in our neighborhoods who would love to see you stop by to help to rake some leaves.

Enjoy giving and helping those who need you!

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We need to think local and support businesses in our own neighborhoods. With things the way they are with our government we need to pay attention to those in our communities. Keeping our dollars in our communities will help keep our neighbors in business and be able to keep their associates on the payroll.

So, as you look to buy the food for your cupboards, clothes for your children, a car or a computer look in your local neighborhood’s and keep your community strong. Think U.S.A made and use the services that are offered in your community.

We can all help even if we do not have much money to spend. Think Local!

Have a great day in Oregon!

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